Self-Help Work shop for Men Review

Published July 5, 2015

The self-help workshop for men on the 13th & 14th June was successful. Attendees benefited from two engaging sessions by  Aris Tarabi who went through crucial mindful techniques and who facilitated thorough discussion on how best to implement them. Anger management was another a key theme covered, where attendees discussed practical solutions  on how to manage thought processes leading to anger and negative mental states. Key and helpful material relating to the subjects was also handed out to help aid the attendees practice the techniques that they had learnt and implement for later.

“I thought it was a lovely informal setting. The content taught was useful. The anger management techniques taught are very helpful for my situation. It was easy to understand and not complicated at all. I enjoyed the workshop and was not intimidated.” – Work Shop Attendee


If you would be interested in attending further workshops like this being hosted at the IRC please get in touch by phone or email as displayed on this page Alternatively please contact Isa Shabbeer on 07940 324 964.


Workshop Instructor: Said Aris Tarabi, BSc Psychology, Third year trainee doctorate in Counselling Psychology.

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