Counselling, Support & Advice

The counselling, support and advice projects are based at the IRC Office on Acre Road and provides help for individuals and their family facing problems such as depression, isolation and domestic violence and parenting challenges, working together to provide them with practical solutions or referring them to appropriate organisations for specialist support and help.

Individual advice is provided by special appointment or at drop-in times. There are some 100 people who regularly use the counselling service. In addition to breaking social exclusion, depression, disengaged youth and violence and abuse, we also and understand today’s diverse society that we are living in, having the understanding of the cultures, customs and religions in our society in order to provide practical and sustainable solutions.


Counselling appointments can be arranged for Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

With the exception of Male counselling on Fridays. – (Has currently been Paused and yet to resume in September)

All the counselling is a non fee service which relies on the goodwill of its professional volunteers.


In addition to Counselling the IRC also helps support various projects, such as the Women Domestic Abuse program held by work shop ‘One Stop Shop’ which is held every 10 weeks or so.


For more information about this service, call 0208 549 5499 or email, or